I am a writer and an extrovert.  So it is always a joy for me to get out from behind my laptop and be with people.  I’d love to visit your community and speak about hospitality, sharing meals, community, Christian faith, and intentional living.  If you’d like more information, please contact me via the Contact form.


Creating a Place of Belonging at our Tables

  • YOU can effectively practice authentic hospitality because it’s about being real, not being perfect.  

  • Creating sacred space in our homes where guests can belong and be known, rather than picture perfect entertaining.

  • How to make genuine connections while sharing a meal.

  • What you need to know to get started.

Understanding the Difference between Hospitality & Entertaining

  • Our foodie, social-media culture has altered our understanding of hospitality and made it synonymous with entertaining.  

  • Hospitality is not about creating five-star dishes, and picture worthy table settings. 

  • Hospitality is about opening our front doors to invite people into our homes to find a place of care and belonging – intentionally creating moments that matter rather than moments that impress. 

  • In this workshop I’ll talk about how hospitality differs from entertaining; simple but meaningful ways to practice genuine hospitality; and why this matters so much within our communities.


Hospitality as Intercession: Making our Homes a Reflection God’s Kingdom on Earth

  • Intercession is more than prayer.

  • Intercession is how we represent the presence of God – as well as love, hope, peace and joy – to one another.

  • Personal and biblical examples of intercession.

  • How we pray for others as intercessors – with truth and authority.


My Vocational Journey: Why Our Lives are More than a Happy Accident

  • My vocational journey from graduate school to homemaking to relational ministry to developing community around my table.

  • My lifework is directly connected to my dreams and passions as a young woman, but I almost missed that thread because my vocation looks so different than the career I expected.

  • The value of HOMEMAKING as a call to love people well in our homes and around our tables – that is not based on gender, or family demographics, or work titles.

  • “The Ministry of Staying Put” (term coined by Sarah Bessey, in her book Out of Sorts): partnering with God in his kingdom work right where you are.


I’ll come to your home to provide personal consultation on:

  • Discovering your personal style of hosting.

  • Using what you already have to create an inviting table.

  • Cooking a complete menu for company in your kitchen that fits your skills and tools.