Do you want to gather your friends and family around your table, but don’t feel like your home is enough (big enough, clean enough, beautiful enough)?  Do you want to connect deeply with other people over a shared meal, but don’t know how to get started?

I’ve made a list of the 8 most important things that I needed to know when I first started making my table a place of belonging.  And they are the essentials that still guide the hospitality I practice today.

I hope these steps will encourage you to invite people to a meaningful experience at your table.

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Tips & Advice

My best tips and advice for practicing genuine hospitality and creating a place of belonging at your table.  These are skills I have learned to effectively manage the tasks required to host, feed, and address the various needs of the family, friends, guests, and community who gather in my home.  

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Helpful Links

These posts are links to what other people are saying about the how to’s of hospitality, and the significance of community.  Informative articles, posts, podcasts, and videos that offer practical help as you create a place of belonging at your table.

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