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"I love hospitality but really dread actual entertaining. True entertaining highlights my weaknesses and feels very intimidating to me.  I'm probably the most non-Martha Stewart person out there, and trying to make my home and table look 'entertaining ready' and perfect feels like a huge burden.  Feeding my neighbors is different than entertaining.  Feeding my neighbors and friends feeds my soul." I'm so happy that I get to introduce you to Kristin Pavon.  A married [...]

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"I was raised in Idaho, in a small town of 2,400 people.  I don't want to move back," Carla laughs, "but as I made my home in San Diego I missed knowing people in my community and seeing familiar faces." Twenty years ago, Carla moved to San Diego shortly after her college graduation to begin her adult life in a big city, teaching at a private high school.  Today she is a dedicated wife and [...]

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"I can cook to survive, but not to entertain." That was the first thing Eleanor shared when we meet recently at a local coffee shop to talk about why we love to cook for other people. While Eleanor may not be what she describes as a "natural domestic", she does have a huge heart for bringing people together through shared meals.  You can find her in her church's kitchen several times each week, organizing and [...]

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I'm so excited to share a link to an article about the inspiring story that has most radically shaped our community dinners. The article is written by Shauna Niequist - one of the most influential women in my journey - about her friend Sarah Harmeyer of Neighbor's Table.  I heard these women co-speak at a Storyline Conference in San Diego a couple of years ago.   The purpose of the conference is to apply the [...]

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